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The Mix-Calibur Fan Club (or MCFC for short) is a branch of the Fate's Wish multi media series focused around the character Mix-Calibur. The channel generally uploads songs (i.e. Remixes, Covers, Originals) but also uploads other media based off of Mix-Calibur

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Composed by Toby Fox
Arranged by Zachary Maslanka

Fate's Wish is a multi media series (with the main media being manga and anime) created by Zachary Maslanka. The series follows many different characters and storyline, all centralizing around the evil devil Lucifer. Fate's Wish is still in production and could use any and all kinds of support. Sharing is greatly appreciated :)

Tags: Megalovania, Remix, Remaster, Shifting Realities, Homestuck, Alterniabound, EarthBound Halloween Hack, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Cover, UNDERTALE, Toby Fox, Mix-Calibur, MCFC, Fate's Wish, manga, anime, music, theme, video game, boss, intense, sans, Dr. Andonuts, Vriska Serket, Adrien Brody, Brodylovania, Tag, Aradia, Another Tag, SANESS, V.3, bonetrousle, song that might play when you fight sans, hysteriavexary
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